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How to choose a kayak

Saying the word “kayak” is kind of like saying the word “car”. By itself, the word doesn’t tell you anything about the size and shape of boat. We sell kayaks of all shapes and sizes for a variety of activities and all shapes and sizes of people. Here are just a few guidelines to consider went choosing a kayak, but if you have more questions, e-mail our store manager at or call us at 405-23-KAYAK (405-235-2925) to discuss your needs.

If you want to fish from your kayak

Kayaks designed for fishing are typically larger and more stable than other boats. Many will let you stand up to cast, have room for tackle boxes and rod holders and most have built in places for fish & depth finders. Some even feature peddle power allowing you to keep both hands free to cast. Some of our most popular boats in this category include the Jackson Big Rig, the Jackson Cuda and the Native Watercraft Slayer. Many fishing kayaks are a sit-on-top style to allow easy access to gear.

If you want enjoy time on the lake and gentle rivers

The kayak for fun times on the water is our recreational kayak category. Here you will find our best seller, the Jackson Tupelo, along with a wide range of kayaks from youth sized kayaks, tandem kayaks, sit on top kayaks and budget kayaks. Some of the things that make the Tupelo our best seller are that it is a fast, easy to paddle kayak with a range of accessories, offers storage compartments and a very comfortable seat. Another big seller for us is the Wilderness Systems Pungo. People choose the Pungo over the Tupelo because the Pungo offers a much more open cockpit area while still offering performance, storage and comfort. Still others choose a sit-on-top kayak like the Wilderness Systems Ride or Jackson Kayak Riviera. While a sit-on-top is a wetter ride, larger paddlers may appreciate the openness of the boat, and some models support up to 450 pounds. Regardless of the boat you choose, keep in mind that the longer the boat, the less energy it will take to paddle overall because it comes up to plane faster. All things being equal, if you are in a 8 foot boat and your friend is in a 14 foot boat, you will have to paddle a lot more to keep up with your friend. While you need to balance open water paddling (longer is better) with river paddling (shorter is easier to turn) we find many of our customers coming back to get a longer boat after finding themselves unhappy with their 8 foot boat's performance, so if you can start long we think you'll be more satisfied with your purchase in the long run.

Long Distance Kayaking

If you’re going to be paddling in the ocean or other large bodies of water, you may want to consider what are known as expedition or sea kayaks. Longer than your average kayak, these boats enable you to paddle long distances and carry large amounts of gear. The longer lengths mean they are not suitable for rivers, but length is an advantage when it comes to ease of paddling.

Whitewater and Crossover

Whitewater boats are shorter and designed for use in flowing rivers more so than lakes. However, many manufacturers offer cross over boats, which allow for a drop down skeg to easily convert a white water boat into a flat water boat. Big sellers in this line are the Liquid Logic XP series and the Jackson Rogue. If you’re looking for a dedicated white water boat, we have a wide range to choose from but if you’re just starting out, consider a crossover.

Stand Up Paddleboards

If you want a real workout with your paddle, or just enjoy having one piece of gear that goes from lake to river to ocean and from recreation to fishing, a Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) may be in your future. Popular as a cross-training activity and normally used while standing at full height, SUP offers you a stable platform from which to enjoy the water in a different way.

And there's a lot more

This is just a introduction to the biggest sellers, but keep in mind there are lot's more to choose from. We have canoes, kayaks with sails, youth sized kayaks, inflatables, kayaks that break down to fit in the back of your SUV, used boats, rental boats, hand built wooden boats, and more. Feel free to call us for more info.

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